Digital Design

Website Design

Whether it's information about your ministry, blogging, receiving donations, selling merchandise, or just spreading the gospel, websites have grown into the single most important tool for any Church or ministry. For over 22 years, Xpressional has created hundreds of websites and can help you share your Church body or ministry with the world.


Tracking your website or social media platforms' analytics can help grow your online presence. By analyzing your statistics Xpressional can help you get to know your audience better and/or expand to others that may be interested in your ministry.

Online Marketing

Xpressional uses the latest technology to help share your message. Whether it is creating advertising graphics for online use, email marketing campaigns, or social media ads, Xpressional can help keep your Church body in the loop on current events, or Xpressional can introduce your message to an all-new audience and expand your ministry. 

Social Media

Social Media has changed the way we communicate. Networking in social media opens the door to countless opportunities to spread the message of Jesus Christ. Xpressional can help setup, maintain, and advise you in the social media space.

Media Production

Video Production

No matter if it's a weekly video of services, a video for online use such as YouTube, or just a promotional video of your ministry Xpressional can film, edit and deliver your next video project.


In the past few years, online streaming has become a necessity for Churches and ministries. It has opened the door to reaching others in ways that were not possible before. Xpressional can help guide you on what you need and train church members to stream your services.

Audio Production

Audio is a very important part of creating a professional product. Whether it is the audio correction for a video project, helping with live audio mastering, recording and mixing a Podcast, or creating the next intro jingle Xpressional can help put that extra touch so your message sounds crystal clear.


Using professional tools like Adobe After Effects, Xpressional can create animations like lower thirds, intros, transitions, video effects, and more to help bring your video project or live stream to life.

Mark 16:15

Whether your ministry needs a new website, a full branding program, video production, or designing a one-off project, Xpressional can help. Through Xpressional's many capabilities and services the goal is to strengthen and reinforce your ministry's desired image so that the end result is effective, consistent, and most of all successful in proclaiming the gospel.

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation."

Print Design

Graphic Design

Graphic Design includes many forms of creative communication. Business cards, brochures, flyers, banners, PowerPoint presentations, newsletters, bulletins, and so much more. Xpressional can help bring your Church or ministry's internal and external creative communications together so the same message is heard not only within your own walls but outside of them as well.


Your logo should define the Church or ministry's personality and goals, as well as be an intricate part of the overall brand. Xpressional has helped hundreds of companies, churches, and ministries develop an identity that achieves the look and feel of the message you want to portray to your audience.


A brand is not stumbled upon; it is created with the goals and perception needed to take your Church or ministry to its desired position. Xpressional has created brands for hundreds of companies, churches, and ministries. Xpressional can help you create a brand that defines who you are and what you stand for.


Marketing and advertising is all about connecting with your audience and getting your message seen and heard by your desired audience. Using today's most innovative solutions, Xpressional's many creative services, and some old-school know-how, Xpressional will insure your marketing and advertising needs translate into success.

Lets spread the gospel together.

I look forward to offering you Xpressional's many services and capabilities to help you in your mission to spread the gospel to the whole world.